How do I start a Guam 7 day stay divorce

Guam law allows anyone to obtain a divorce from an American jurisdiction even though neither you nor your spouse has previously been to Guam. Both parties must agree to the divorce and one of the parties must visit Guam for 7 days. Except for your trip to Guam, everything can be handled online and on the phone, You can do everything from the comfort of your own home. We will interview you and prepare the divorce papers and work with you on revisions until they are satisfactory to you.


Here are the Steps for obtaining a Guam 7-Day Residency Divorce.

1 Fill out our form

The best way to get started is to fill out the form on

Once you complete that from, someone from our firm will contact you by phone and/or email. We will discuss your case and explain the process fully for you.

2. Discuss your case with someone from our firm.

After we receive your information we will contact by App, email and/or phone. We will explain how it works, and ask you about your case. We want to make sure we find out everything we need to know to properly complete your divorce papers.

3. Make a $300 down payment.

If after to speaking with us, you decide to use our firm, the next step will be to make a down payment of $300. Most people pay an online invoice. We can also take your Credit Card information over the phone. You can also pay by Western Union.

TOTAL COST NOW $1320! Fees for a 7 Day Residence divorce are normally $1000, plus court filing fees. Court filing fees are $320 for a total of $1320. There could be additional charges, if upon speaking with you it appears much more complicated than normal. You will pay $300 down before we prepare the papers and the balance of $1020 when you arrive in Guam. If you do not go forward with the divorce, you will never need to pay the balance.

4. Receive your divorce papers in one business day.

Once the $300 down payment is made, in one business day we will prepare and email to you, all the documents necessary to complete your divorce. In most cases they will be ready for signature. However, you should review them carefully. If you feel any corrections or revisions are necessary, let us know. We will work with you until until you are satisfied that the papers are the best they can be. WE ALSO OFFER SAME DAY SERVICE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100.

5. Obtain your spouse's written consent.

Your spouse must sign a “consent to divorce and jurisdiction” form. We will prepare this form, and if requested, send it directly to your spouse by mail, fax or email. This form must be notarized by a U.S. notary public.  Within the United States, notary publics can be found in courts, law offices, insurance agencies, and many other places. Outside the United States, the forms may be notarized by an official in a U.S. Embassy or consulate office, or other U.S. recognized notary public.  Acceptable notaries can often be found on U.S. military installations abroad.  

6. Come to Guam for 7 days.

The next step is for you or your spouse to come to Guam for Seven Days. Except for one short visit to our office, you time in Guam will be your own. We have beautiful beaches, great food, friendly people, and great food.

7. Stop by our office with the completed papers.

While you are in Guam, you will need to stop by our office once, for about 30 minutes. At that time you drop off your spouse's signed consent form, and sign your own papers in front of our notary.

8. Pay any balance due.

Before we can file, you must pay any balance that you owe. If you made a $300 down payment, you will need to pay the balance of $1020. Most people pay the balance when they drop the completed papers off  at our office. If you prefer, you can pay the balance online, using any debit or credit card.

As soon as your seven day stay is complete and you paid any balance due, we will file the divorce papers in Court.

The balance of the payment is due when you arrive in Guam.

9. Wait for us to inform you that your divorce is final.

The court will normally grant the divorce in 2 to 4 weeks after filing. You do not need to be in Guam when the court grants the divorce. You will not need to go to court.. An attorney from our office will represent you.

If everything is in order, the Court will normally grant the divorce at the hearing. The divorce decree is usually released by the court a day or two later.

As soon as we receive the decree, will scan an email you copy and put the original in the Mail to you.


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