We get questions from Philippine Citizens virtually every day asking if they can come to Guam to obtain a divorce. Of course, there is no divorce in the Philippines and Annulment can take years and is very expensive. People are looking for a way out of their bad marriages, often so they can marry again.

Unfortunately, in most instances, a Philippine citizen should not apply for a Guam divorce, if they are still living in the Philippines. (But their foreign spouse may want to apply.) There are two main problems. 

First it is very difficult for most Filipinos to get the US visa they would need to come to Guam. So far, no one we are aware of has succeeded in obtaining a US visa just for the purpose of getting a Guam divorce. We cannot help you. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE AND ASK US FOR HELP IN OBTAINING A US VISA. There is nothing we can do to help. We have tried many times without success.

Second, we are not experts in Philippine law, but it is not clear that the Philippines would honor the Guam divorce, if it was filed by a Philippine citizen still living in the Philippines. So even if you were successful in getting to Guam and obtaining a divorce, you might still be married under Philippine law.

It is our understanding that a Guam divorce can be registered in the Philippines, if it was filed by an American citizen married to a Philippine citizen. But not when the Philippine citizen comes to Guam and does the filing. If you are married to a foreign citizen and want a divorce, you should try to convince your foreign spouse to apply for the Guam divorce. You might then be able to register that divorce in the Philippines and remarry there.

If you can obtain a US visa, and you do not care if the Philippines will recognize the divorce,  a Guam divorce might be a good option. This might be the case if you are working overseas and/or plan to remarry outside of the Philippines.

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